What is Included in a Landscaping Plan

Your landscaping plan works as a floor plan for your outdoor area. It gives you a visual representation of what you can expect once the landscape design has been implemented on your property. The plan includes flowers, trees, man-made elements like fountains, furniture as well as any water bodies.

You can use the landscaping plan for your personal garden, community area or for a commercial establishment. If you use the landscaping plan properly you will have a great idea of what materials to use and where they will work best in your space.

How to design a landscaping plan

Create an outline

This is an overview of the expected project area. Having the overview makes it easier to know where to add different elements. Draw boundaries of the area you are working with and keep the elements contained within.

Add existing features

Add rocks, fountains, slopes and other features into the outline using the correct symbols. Using the right symbols is crucial because it will help inform the landscaping of the precise feature you want installed in each place.

Make sure that you note North on your outline to give you a good understanding of how the sun and the shadows will work within your space.

Create ground cover

Ground cover is important for any space you are landscaping so make sure that you add as much land cover as appropriate for your space. There are several options for ground cover that you can work with but choose the best one for your space. Make sure there is textural difference in all the ground cover you choose to use.

Finish with additional elements

Add plant life like shrubbery, flowers and trees to complete the landscape design. This is also the time to choose other elements like a walkway or gazebo if you have the right amount of space to work with.

Work together with a professional landscaping company like Miami landscaping services and you can achieve the best design for your space. Plus, they will give you sound advice about what is the best option for your idea.